Suzuki piano uses a multi-sensory approach to engage the student on his/her journey of learning to play beautiful music.  Students learn foundational concepts of technique, ear training, and music theory through the exploration of the great composers and their works.  The Suzuki method begins with the belief that every child can learn music, and relies heavily on collaboration between the parent and the teacher to provide the child a positive, nurturing environment. The steps of learning the instrument are based on the steps of learning a language: listening, repetition, and mastery of small steps. Similar to learning a language, children learn the instrument at his or her own pace, but are encouraged by their peers through group lessons. Based on the principle that the ear develops faster than the eye, children at taught to learn the music by rote (listening to the recordings and the teacher) prior to learning to read music. The Suzuki method is, at heart, a pattern of training where the teacher and parent work together to raise children to become not only good musicians, but also good people.