Our Guiding Principles It is the belief of Conservatory Arts Preschool that children grow and flourish when they are in a nurturing and loving environment. The goal of our program is to provide a safe, stimulating, and creative setting that will promote growth in all areas of a child’s development. We seek to enhance each child’s social, emotional, intellectual and physical growth through activities and experiences designed to meet his/her specific needs.   Our Program

  Our preschool serves children ages 3-6, offering supplemental arts and cognitive learning, as well social interaction for preschoolers and homeschooled Kindergarten and first graders. Children are grouped into two classes. The 3/4 year old class is comprised of a maximum of 5 children with one teacher. The 4/6 year old class is comprised of a maximum of 10 children with one teacher. When necessary, children may also be placed in the class that is most appropriate to their level of ability, if age isn’t the determining factor. During the three hour preschool day the children will be engaged in activities that reflect a pre-selected theme. A variety of learning experiences will be provided that include but are not limited to: large and small group interaction, Bible time, music and movement, creative expression, life skills, story time, show and tell, and arts/crafts. All activities are under the guidance of highly qualified staff who have a firm understanding of early childhood development and education, as well as experience as homeschooling mothers.

  We believe family involvement is of utmost importance to the growth and development of children in school settings. We encourage family participation and extend an open invitation to families to become involved in daily activities. Open communication between families and the staff is vital to the preschool experience. Please contact the teacher and/or director if there are any concerns or suggestions.

  At Conservatory Arts Preschool, our goal is not only to enhance a child’s life through learning, but also through socialization. Our primary focus is on modeling and teaching appropriate social skills, in addition to preparing children academically and in the arts. Children are gifts from God, and we seek to give them an experience that will be a blessing to them as well as their families. All pre-academic activities will be offered in a manner that is age-appropriate and fun.

  Discipline Policy

  The root of the word discipline is disciple. A disciple is defined as a follower of Christ. When we learn to love as Christ loves, we are disciplining ourselves to be the very best disciples we can be. At Conservatory Arts Preschool our discipline policy is designed to help the children learn to reflect Christ’s love to others.

  We believe that praise and positive reinforcement are the most effective means of encouraging good behavior in children. Based on this belief, we will practice the following discipline policy:

We will:

  • Praise, reward and encourage;
  • Model appropriate behavior;
  • Reason and set limits;
  • Provide appropriate behavior alternatives;
  • Ignore minor misbehaviors;
  • Utilize supervised time-out periods (one minute per year of age of child).

We will not:

  • Use any type of physical punishment;
  • Ridicule, yell at, threaten, or in any way shame or verbally demean the children;

Parents/caregivers will always be notified of any issues related to the disciplining of their child. Our staff strives to work with parents to make discipline a positive learning experience for the children.